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Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

Premium Diamond Polished Concrete Floors has become the premium floor options in recent years over other floor coverings available on the market.


This process is highly suited for indoor applications in all commercial and domestic floors, including residential bathrooms and kitchens, restaurant and showroom floors, and in large factory and warehouse areas.


Diamond Polished Concrete in correct terms is the grinding of the concrete surface to expose aggregates or stones in the concrete, creating a unique, extremely hard, stone-like finish. This unique crystallised durability, means less scuffs and scratches on the surface thus maintaining its lustre for longer, unlike other traditional floors.


The enhanced benefits of mechanically diamond polishing the concrete floors include:

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean without the use of harmful chemical cleaners;
  • Hypoallergenic – Reduces dust mites and allergens and does not support mould growth;
  • Increases natural lighting due to its reflective surface;
  • Very Durable and hard wearing, lasting over 20 years;
  • Energy efficiency – its refraction of light makes the room feel more open
  • Most cost effective – over 25 years of proven durability without expensive ongoing outlays.

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