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Builders & Architects

Builders and architects are seeing an increase in the demand and requests from clients for Diamond Polished Concrete floors as a high end quality flooring alternative in recent years.


Diamond Polished Concrete floors have fast become a ‘must have’ design feature of new builds and adhere to the eco-sustainable building codes designated by councils Australia wide.


The main benefits to a Diamond polished concrete floor are:

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean without the use of harmful chemical cleaners;
  • Hypoallergenic – Reduces dust mites and allergens and does not support mould growth;
  • Increases natural lighting due to its reflective surface;
  • Energy efficiency – reduces the need to heat or cool the home or area due to its thermo-conducive characteristics
  • Very durable and hard wearing, lasting over 20 years

As one of the original experts on Diamond Polishing, we have the knowhow and knowledge to ensure your project is completed to the specifications as detailed on any builder or architectural plans.


Polished Concrete Designed has delivered on thousands of projects over 10 years and has catered for all types of budgets and styles.


We work closely with all builders, architects and clients and use the latest cutting edge technology and information to ensure a smooth process from inception to completion.


Polished Concrete Design is headed by Master of Polished Concrete and owner , Dino who is also a seasoned builder/concreter . Dino is highly involved and hands on, in all aspects of the daily works and oversees all projects to ensure that high quality standards are achieved throughout the project .


Please Contact the team to discuss any technical specifications and request an obligation free quote for your projects.