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CONCRETE FLOOR POLISHING: Best Flooring Solutions for You


Polishing concrete floors is a good idea as it fills the gaps and brings out the shine to the concrete floor. Polished concrete is the choice of various places like supermarkets, commercial buildings, office spaces and household too. At all such places you will easily find polished concrete because it is long lasting and is solid in form and also easy to clean to give a relaxing mood for the flooring. Polished concrete also has designs with it and you can create various designs with it and bring new charm to your flooring. These days due to technical advancement, it has become important to bring changes in the existing outdated technology. There are polished concrete professional who are expert in polishing the concrete and have a set of activities to perform to bring shine to the polished concrete. Concrete floor polishing Brisbane is the new option with advance technological which are skilled to perform the perfect polishing for concrete floors.

Steps to perform Polishing Concrete Flooring

  1. Sweep- First and foremost thing is to do sweeping on the floor and removing all the dust and dirt from the floor. Gather all the dust and throw it out with the dustpan and you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and dirt from the floor. Vacuum cleaner will save much of your time but you can also use broom to remove the dust and dirt. Concrete floor polishing Brisbane has a team of experts in polishing concrete floors. You can take help of them if you are residing near to them.
  2. Mop- Now, fill a mop bucket with soft water and add some mild detergent to it and Mop the floor’s surface to remove any remaining dust and dirt. There should be mild stains should come off while you mop. You need to make sure that you dry the floors with mop before you start polishing process. The floor should be clean and clear before you start polishing process. Concrete floor polishing Brisbane is found best as per the experts and serving to the community with its professional way.
  3. Polish with Coars Grit- Now, use a coarse grit polishing disk which measures 500 to polish the floor. Coarse is found effective in getting rid of rough areas and stubborn stains from the floors surface. Start with the end side of the floor and move upward from side by side to cover the complete floor. You should use circular motions with coarse grit disk to work over the complete floor. Pay much attention to the stains and rough areas to remove and be careful to avoid any overlapping when you proceed. Concrete floor Polishing Brisbane has the entire essential element for polishing concrete floors with team of experts.
  4. Polish with Fine Grit- Now, Switch to the find grit polishing disk and work over entire floor with circular motions to avoid any kind of overlapping activity. Any kind of residual stains should be lift when you polish with fine grit. You floor surface should look clean and clear and uniform because all the stains and rough patches are cleared through process of fine grit disk. Concrete floor polishing Brisbane has standard professional expertise in polishing the concrete floors and you can take advantage of their expertise.
  5. Polish with Extra fine grit- For the final step, now use extra fine grit disk to polish the concrete floor like 1500. It will provide a glass look shine to your concrete floor. This is the final removal stages for any kind of stains and rough patches. There should be no stains or patches at the surface of the floor. So, this step is to get crystal clear shine to your floor. You need to overlap in this stage and have to use circular motion to let the grit work over the complete floor. Make sure to do overlap the circles before you proceed further.

Apply Concrete floor polish- Now, you have to use floor grinder to apply the polish to cover the whole surface of the floor. It will give some extra shine to your floor and your concrete shine will be at its best. Use the grinder with great care and follow the guidelines for best results. Concrete floor polishing Brisbane goes through the complete process of concrete polishing and you can take advantage of their professional services.